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Motorcycle single sided swingarm customized swinging arm supplier

  • TRS-001
  • Aluminum Alloy
  • Same as the picture
  • CNC Machined
  • Anodized
  • Street Bike / Sport Bike
  • China
  • Carton Package
  • By Sea / Express Delivery / Air Transport
  • 12 Months
  • ISO9001
Product Description

The single-sided swingarm is an unbalanced design. The rear wheel is only loaded on one side because most single-sided swingarms are on the left side. When the wheel rotates forward to generate forward thrust, because the sided swingarm is with an unbalanced design, thrust can only be transmitted to the rocker arm and the frame through the left axis of the wheel. This is an unbalanced state. It is precisely because of this unbalance that the swingarm generates thrust on the left side of the fixed wheel, and the wheel has no Any fixed right side will produce torsion, and this torsion can just offset the front and rear center of gravity changes due to the static inertia, thereby improving the vehicle's handling and flexibility in corners.

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