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4-Axis CNC Machining

We can offer a wide range of precision machining services encompassing the whole spectrum with regard to manufacturing complexity, ranging from less challenging processes such as 2D machining through to more demanding 5 axis milling / 3D manufacturing processes, and everything in-between... including 4th axis milling capabilities.

This significant investment, which also includes the employment of extensive support systems such as CAD / CAM, has allowed Ruili Precision to offer an unrivalled service to the precision engineering sector with the capability to machine a diverse range of exotic and non-exotic materials, coupled with single or multiple component capability with the minimal amount of down-time and consequent set-ups thus significantly reducing cost and lead times.

VF-2SS Technical Parameters

Table size mm 914*356
Stroke X mm 762
Y mm 406
Z mm 508
Rotating diameter ° 250
T-groove numbers mm 3-15×125
spindle nose to worktable distance mm 170-620
spindle center to fuselage distance mm 480
Spindle speed rpm 50-10000
Taper of spindle # BT-40
Spindle Power kw 5.5
X-axis Fast moving rate mm/min 60000
Y-Axis Quick Move rate mm/min 60000
Z-axis Fast move rate mm/min 60000
Cutting rate mm/min 1-10000
Three-axis motor power kw 1.5/1.5/3.0
Tool weight Kg 8
Tool length mm 300
Maximum diameter mm 78/120
Water Tank Capacity L 150
Air pressure demand Kg/cm² 6
Total power consumption kw 15
Positioning accuracy mm ±0.003/300
Repeat Precision mm ±0.003
Max weight Kg 300
Mechanical weight Kg 3500
T-groove number of worktable-dimensions mm 1900×2510×2480
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