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Wuxi Ruili Metal Product Co,Ltd.

Ruilimetal is a recognized expert in the manufacture of CNC turned parts in China. Ruilimetal can provided complex  CNC turning operations, including: contouring, drilling, milling, tapping, boring, threading and micro drilling. we used HAAS turning machine and Three-coordinate measuring instrument made your parts to highly accurate. Our lean manufacturing processes, CAD/CAM software, expert staff and focus on quality ensure that can provide you the highest quality processing services.
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Why Choose Us

Ruili attention to the products quality. The essence of a high quality products is in the high precision of manufacturing and the inherent quality of the material. Through accurate machining, ensures products maximum durability and performance.
Heat treated and anodized finished to perfection, all products meet or exceed the highest possible quality standards in the manufacturer industry.
Every Products goes through up to 25 production stages and 10 individual quality control checks before it is ready to leave the factory.


10 years of experience in manufacturing and assembly of Automotive and Industrial products.
  ISO 9001 certified.
  On-Time delivery 95%
  Quality level of 99.99%
  Customer rating 9/10
  Technical expertise
  Prototype, batch and volume production
  Diverse manufacturing capability
  Complete project management
  Kanban & Stock management service
  Wide-ranging customer base
  A friendly and personalised service

Our Capabilities Include

10 years of experience in manufacturing and assembly of Automotive and Industrial products.

5 Axis Machining

5 axis CNC machining uses highly accurate CNC to operate a machine which can move a cutting tool or part across 5 axes simultaneously. This extremely precise method is an ideal choice for aerospace engineering, which involves manufacturing particularly complex parts using specialist materials. As a leading British 5 axis machining company, we are perfectly placed to machine aerospace components using this method.

3D Machining

With 3D CNC machining, virtually any model or technical drawing can take shape to strict specifications. 3D machining is particularly suited to large aerospace components, and our state of the art 3D technology and techniques address complex operations with ease, accuracy, and lower costs. We can run multiple components in a variety of materials, for ultimate efficiency.

CNC Turning

CNC turning makes it possible to manufacture multiple components to interact with one another perfectly. CAD (Computer Assisted Drawing) software controls a CNC Lathe machine, which turns materials at high speed while cutting away excess material. The machine achieves accuracy below 10 microns. We follow blueprints to ensure the CNC Lathe works to exact specifications, making Aerospace components of the highest quality and reliability.

CMM Inspection

Our Capability Maturity Model (CMM) inspection services ensure your aerospace component CAD models and 2D drawings are fully realisable in terms of quality, reliability, and safety. CMM inspection is a vital step for all aerospace engineering projects, where safety is of critical importance.
By translating component geometry into CMM programmable data, we inspect each complete component and provide you with a detailed report. CMM inspection is available as a standalone service or as an integral part of our aerospace machining projects.



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