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2D Scanner

It is used to measure two-dimensional plane dimensions and is widely used in various precision industries. It is mainly used for the size and angle of parts that are difficult to measure with calipers and angles, such as silicone, the creepage distance of circuit boards, electrical clearances, control panel light holes, the size of plastic parts, etc.

It can quickly read the displacement value of the optical ruler, and obtain the desired result instantly through the software module operation based on the spatial geometry; and generate graphics on the screen for the operator to compare the images and shadows, so as to be able to distinguish intuitively possible deviations in the measurement results.

UV Detector

UV testing is performed by exposing the material to be tested in a controlled environment of alternating cycles of sunlight and moisture while increasing the temperature.

The test equipment uses UV fluorescent lamps to simulate sunlight, and can also simulate the effects of moisture by condensation or spraying. Used to evaluate material changes in color, gloss, cracks, blistering, catalysis, oxidation, etc.
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