Medical CNC Machining

We are experienced 5-axis processing experts, medical handheld equipment to large-scale treatment equipment can rely on our Haas 5-axis machine to complete. We can effectively create the most complex medical device components that require less setup, save our customer time and reduce costs while maintaining strict management standards and ensure that all parts and equipment are fully compliant.
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Medical CNC Machining

Our team of precision engineers are well versed in stringent compliance requirements, the necessity for adherence to close tolerance work, and a strong understanding of end user requirements for surgeons and patients alike.yiliao
We established upon a solid background within the precision medical engineering sector, with a focus on the manufacture of reconstructive medical devices, alongside associated instrumentation and ancillary components. From stainless steel and titanium to medical polymers, elastomers, and composites, we work with a range of materials in our medical CNC machining work.
As our work in medical engineering and manufacturing has progressed, Oracle Precision has continuously invested in state of the art facilities and capabilities. We are dedicated to ensuring best practice and uniform quality is maintained in everything we do, from device design and production to component inspection and lifecycle management.

We are proud to work with our medical engineering clients as contract and subcontract machinists at many key stages, as this ensures a systematic approach to quality and risk management for the devices we are involved in creating. 
We are highly experienced 5 axis machining experts, regularly incorporating this powerful form of CNC machining into our medical manufacturing work. Our 5 axis machines and capabilities mean we can create even the most complex medical device components efficiently and with fewer set-ups required, saving our clients time and reducing costs while maintaining stringent regulatory standards. We regularly work with medical grade materials, ensuring all components and devices are faultlessly in line with the relevant regulations.

From design to manufacture, we can also rapidly produce prototype medical devices in various volumes for testing, demonstration, and trials. As rapid prototyping experts, our team can produce one-off or batch medical device prototypes with a superior turnaround time.



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