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ATV Wet Clutch Assy Primary Secondary Sheave Clutch For CF500 MC

  • High-carbon steel
  • Same as the picture
  • ATV
  • China
  • Carton Package
  • Provided
  • By Sea / Express Delivery / Air Transport
  • 12 Months
  • ISO9001
Product Description

PartsOEM Number
Clutch Housing Cover                            0180-053100
Clutch Assy0180-054000-2000                                                                                      
Primary Clutch0180-051000
Secondary Sheave0180-052000
One Way Bearing21220-004-0000
Fit For:

CFMoto               CF500 Long 2-Up ATV2007-2009
CF500 Short ATV2007-2009
CF500-2 (Single Seat) ATV2011
CF500-2A Two-Up ATV2011
X5 LWB X-Lander ATV2011
X5 ShortWB (Carb) ATV2011
X5SWB Short (carb) ATV2011
CF500-2 (Single Seat) ATV2012
CF500-2A Two-Up ATV2012
X5 LWB X-Lander ATV2012
X5 ShortWB (Carb) ATV2012
X5 LWB X-Lander ATV2013
X5 SWB X-Lander (carb) ATV                                 2013
CF500-2 (Single Seat) ATV2014
CF500-2A (Double Seat)2014                                                         
X5LWB Carb (Double Seat)2014
X5SWB Carb (Single Seat)2014

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