Basic introduction of motorcycle spokes

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In most cases, the function of the spokes is to exert a pulling force on the rim from the hub side, and in a few cases, it exerts a supporting force on the rim from the hub side. In this paper, we will talk about the spokes that provide pulling force.

Let's talk about the composition

Most of the spokes are connected to the rim through the spoke caps, and the hub is connected to the hub through the elbow or straight cap.


In addition, in the history of the development of spokes, there are relatively refined parts - washers

The washer is a component used between the spoke nipple and the rim to increase the connection strength.


Next is the material

In terms of material, the common materials of the spokes range from the wood bars used in the past to the steel bars that have been used so far. During this period, several commons spoke materials such as aluminum alloy spokes, carbon fiber spokes, and titanium alloy spokes have also been produced.

Spoke nipples are also made of different materials. Generally, there are copper, aluminum alloy, and titanium alloy.

Copper nipples and aluminum nipples are the most common spoke caps, and titanium caps are almost only possible to see on self-made wheels and are rarely used, so we will not discuss them.

Advantages and disadvantages of materials

About the spokes: The biggest advantage of stainless steel spokes is that they are cheap, strong, elastic, and ductile, while the disadvantage is that they are slightly heavier.

Aluminum alloy spokes are lighter and less elastic. In order to maintain better rigidity, they must be made wider. Although they have a more shocking effect visually, they can actually be said to be a compromise. At present, it is rare to find aluminum alloy spokes in retail spokes.

Carbon fiber spokes have lighter weight, higher strength, and a more exaggerated appearance, but the disadvantages are poor elasticity and high price.

About the nipples: The copper nipple is durable, heavy, and cheap. The aluminum nipple is light in weight but not as durable as the copper cap. The life of the aluminum nipple will be reduced on the wheel with high tension.

Finally about the design

Extending from the hub side to the rim side, the designs of spokes and nipples include straight, elbow, round, flat, equal diameter, variable diameter, external spoke nipple, semi-hidden spoke nipple, and hidden spoke nipple.

The advantage of straight-headed spokes is that the pulling force is more direct, and it is less likely to lose power from the point of view of force generation. However, the limit of the straight-headed hub to bear the pulling force is lower than that of the elbow-headed hub. Many straight-headed hubs and straight-headed spokes have The combination is caused by the deformation of the spoke head and the deformation of the spoke mouth of the hub due to excessive pulling force or excessive force. Therefore, if you want to use a wheel with high tension, you still have to choose elbow spokes and hubs.

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