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Customized Big Brake Rotors for Harley Davidson

  • 20Cr13, 12Cr13
  • 13 inch 14inch 15inch
  • Silver+Black
  • Stamping, Laser cutting, Riveting
  • Heat treatment, Spraying electrophoretic paint
  • Softail Touring Sportster
  • China
  • Carton Package
  • By Sea / Express Delivery / Air Transport
  • 12 Months
  • ISO9001
Product Description

1. The larger outer diameter of the brake disc, with five-spoke ribs, makes the brake disc look more concise and atmospheric.

2. Part of the surface is hardened to improve the wear resistance of the brake disc. The other part of the surface is sprayed with black electrophoretic paint to provide corrosion protection to the metal and give it a certain degree of decoration.

3. Equipped with large-size brake discs, on the one hand, is for the better visual experience, on the other hand, for better braking performance. The larger the brake disc, the greater the braking torque and the smaller the force used. At the same time, the larger the area in contact with the air, the faster the heat dissipation.

Fit for:

Model Over sizeOversize Disc
Sportster 06-1313"HD-DF-F1601                                
Sportster 14-Up13"
Softail 00-17 / Dyna 00-05                                                        13"                                           
Softail 15-17 / Dyna 06-1713"
Touring 2000-200713"
Touring 2008-201313"
Touring 2014-202113"HD-DF-1604
Sportster 06-1314"HD-DF-F1602
Sportster 14-Up14"
Softail 00-17 / Dyna 00-0514"
Softail 15-17 / Dyna 06-1714"
Touring 2000-200714"
Touring 2008-201314"
Touring 2014-202114"HD-DF-1605
Sportster 06-1315"HD-DF-F1603
Sportster 14-Up15"
Softail 00-17 / Dyna 00-0515"
Softail 15-17 / Dyna 06-1715"
Touring 2000-200715"
Touring 2008-201315"
Touring 2014-202115"HD-DF-1606

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