How are motorcycle spoke rims made?

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1. Making Profile: aluminum rods are put into the machine, and profiles of various sizes are formed through various sizes of aluminum rim molds.

2. Profile Drawing: Put the profile into the drawing machine, and specific lines appear on both sides of the profile.

3. Profile Bending: Put the fabricated aluminum profiles into the machine for bending to form continuous circular profiles.

4. Profile Cutting: Cut the continuous profiles to form individual circular profiles, align the two cutting openings, and arrange them one by one on the shelf.

5. Profile Welding: The cut profiles are finely cut according to the marks, and the two ends are aligned and welded.

6. Welding Scar Removal: Remove welding scars with a machine.

7. Positioning of Holes: Install the aluminum rim on the machine, and punch out the mounting holes in sequence according to the marked hole positions; professionals use tools to mark the 36 spoke mounting holes on the aluminum ring.

8. Deburring: Manually remove the burrs around the mounting holes.

9. Grinding and Smoothing: After removing the obvious burrs, use the machine to grind to make the surface of the aluminum rim smooth.

10. Press the Size and Logo: use the machine to press out the size and the logo required by the customer on the aluminum ring, and finally carry out beautification processes such as oxidation polishing to form the finished product.

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