How our forged wheels be produced?

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1. Material: The aluminum rod used for forging wheels is made of 6061, and the aluminum used for general casting wheels is far superior in terms of material, strength, ductility, and durability. Cut the aluminum rod to the size you need to make the hub.

2. Aluminum bar preheating: Put the cut aluminum bar into the heating furnace for heating, after heating to the set temperature, after the material reaches a balanced temperature, take it out for forging.

3. Forging into embryos: Using more than 8,000 tons of forging presses, the preheated aluminum materials are forged into rough embryos by direct forging.

4. Powerful spinning forming: Use a vertical spinning machine to spin the blank with 3 spinning wheels up to 25 tons per spinning wheel.

5. Heat treatment: After the aluminum wheel is formed by spinning, it needs heat treatment to strengthen. The heat treatment process includes high-temperature solution treatment, quenching water treatment, and low-temperature aging treatment.

6. Lathe processing: The prototype of the wheel hub after heat treatment is processed with a lathe, and the design shape is directly engraved.

7. Center hole and drilling processing: drilling according to design.

8. Surface treatment: Finishing machining, Surface polishing treatment, and Surface coating treatment.

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