What accessories we have modified for the Sur-Ron? II

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Picture Product Name Function Reason for modification Advantages
sur ron brake disc (2) Brake Disc Brake Provide customers with a variety of choices. The thickness is changed from 1.8mm to 2.0mm, which prolongs the service life and makes the shape more sporty.
surron Foot Peg Support Brace (2) Foot Pegs Support Brace Increase main pedal support strength. The main pedal is suspended on both sides, which is easy to bend and break. Installation is possible without removing the pedal bracket. The design of positive and negative teeth will provide support for the main pedal after external rotation.
sur ron fender Rubber Fenders Bendable and retractable mudguard. Protect the vehicle from mud and rocks. Quick and easy installation, no drilling or cutting required.
The installation position is fixed by aluminum alloy, which is sturdy and firm.
surron seat riser (5) Seat Riser Raise the seat up 2.5 inches and move it forward 1.5 inches. Provides better maneuverability and a more comfortable riding position. The shape is sportier and more intense.
Provides more room for the upgraded rear wheel so that it does not touch the base while driving.
Suitable for larger-size battery upgrades.
Bottom Shell Guard Bottom Shell Guard Protect the body chassis from impacts. Replace the original parts. Our guards protect the motor and small sprocket in addition to the chassis.
sur ron battery case Battery Case Protect the battery from shock. Protect the battery. We can do any custom battery aluminum case.
sur ron front hub Front Hub 2 brake discs can be installed on the front hub. Increase braking power. Provide a complete set of products including drum core, bearing, sealing ring and end sleeve.
sur ron throttle controller Throttle Controller Oil Gate Controller Oil Gate Controller Replacement Parts. Oxidize the color to enhance the appearance of the vehicle.
sur ron kickstand (1) Kickstand Adjustable footrest Satisfy the parking of vehicles on different complex terrains and wheels of different sizes. The CNC machined parts are lighter than the original car, the foot support can be adjusted up and down a total of 30MM, the bottom support is enlarged, and the vehicle parking is more stable.
sur ron rear hub Rear-Wheel Eccentric Hub Move the rear hub, the center of the rim, 9MM to the left. After installing a 90 tire, the right side of the tire interfered with the chain. Provide a complete set of products including drum core, bearing, sealing ring, and end sleeve.
surron connecting board Upper Connecting Board Replace original parts Replace original parts Oxidize the color to enhance the appearance of the vehicle.
surron sprocket cover (1) Sprocket Cover Protects small sprockets and belts. Replace original parts The aluminum parts are light in weight, high in strength, and novel in shape. Different from the commercially available products, the sprocket cover is fully enclosed, and the sand and gravel cannot hit the sprocket and belt.
surron sprocket (3) Sprocket Various tooth number sprockets available. Add torque for a quick start. A variety of styles are available, the thickness is increased from 5.8MM to 6.0MM, and a mud removal tank is added.

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