What accessories we have modified for the Sur-Ron?

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Picture Product Name Function Reason for modification Advantages
spoke wheel (2) Wheel Sets Front & Rear Wheels Assembly Replace the original wheels Rims are made from 7050 Series aluminium making them probably the strongest and lightest rim on the market.
chain adjuster (2) Chain Adjuster Turn the adjusting bolt to move the axle block forward or backward to adjust the chain tension. The original car is of ordinary style, and it is troublesome to adjust.

Novel shape, enhance the appearance.

Added L/R left and right marks and adjustment scale lines.

The bolt and axle block can be moved at the same time for easy adjustment.

footpegs (8) Foot Pegs Larger anti-slip foot pegs Replace the original foot pegs The foot pegs have enlarged tread surfaces and are equipped with M4 anti-skid spikes.
suspension linkage (3) Suspension Linkage Upgrade Rear suspension connecting rod The original bike is of ordinary style, and it is troublesome to disassemble and assemble The new bearing oil seal replaces the original gasket, and the integrated design is convenient for disassembly and assembly. Local thickening to maximize product strength. Improves appearance after oxidation.
handlebar clamp (3) Handlebar Riser Raise the handlebar Reason for modification: The original handlebar is too low, which affects the operability and comfort. 4 screws are fixed on the upper connecting plate, and the installation is more firm. Raise the handlebar up 50MM.
rear brake disc guard (4) Rear Disc Guard Caliper holder to prevent brake disc collision. The original car is of ordinary style, and the rear brake disc is at risk of being hit. The oxidized product can directly replace the original caliper bracket, and the removable wings protect the rear brake disc. Two calipers can be installed at the same time to increase the braking force.
foot rest for sur ron (13) Footrest On the basis of the original pedal, an adjustable auxiliary pedal is added. The original owner's pedal position cannot be adjusted, and there is no rear footrest for people to rest on their feet. The main pedal has 5 new positions to choose from, and the replaceable auxiliary pedal is added. The auxiliary pedal can be folded and anti-skid knurled thread design.
Rear Progression Triangle (8)

Progression Triangle

Reinforced rear suspension mechanism, so that the suspension part can bear huge pressure during driving. After modification, it is stronger, more durable, and prolongs the service life. The overall thickness is increased to 22MM, and two reinforcing ribs are added for higher strength. The appearance is milled and hollowed out to enhance the appearance.
dashboard bracket Dashboard Bracket Protect the dashboard. The fixed support of the dashboard is not enough, and it is very easy to be damaged by impact. Added a digital display inner tray to fully surround and fix the display. Extending the life of the monitor is the life.

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