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Wholesale Motorcycle Wheel Rims For Yamaha MIO 125 Wave 100i Wave125i

  • Aluminum Alloy

  • 16'' 17'' 19'' 21''

  • Black / White

  • Casting

  • Spray

  • Street Bike

  • China

  • Provided

  • By Sea / Express Delivery / Air Transport

  • ISO9001

Product Description

1. Performance:

1) The stability of the casting wheel is better. During the riding process, the spoke wheel needs to be adjusted for a long time, but the casting wheel will not deviate no matter how long it is riding, so no adjustment is required;

2) The torsional stiffness of the cast wheel is stronger, and the acceleration and braking effect is better than that of the spoked wheel; (torsional stiffness can be understood as the ability to resist deformation)

3) Tubeless tires (ie, tubeless pneumatic tires) can be used for casting wheels. Tubeless tires have high elasticity and wear resistance, as well as good adhesion and heat dissipation performance;

4) The casting wheel is a one-piece wheel, which is not flexible enough, but the whole is more stable. Stability and consistency are essential in the case of high-speed turning;

2. Weight:

Compared to spoke wheels, casting wheels are lighter. This is why casting wheels are usually used in racing bikes. Lighter means better handling, so cast wheels are commonly used on street bikes.

3. Appearance:

The appearance is fashionable, the colors are dazzling, suitable for young people, and it looks more energetic when riding.

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