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Aluminum Forged

We can provide hot forging and cold forging serivce.
We have a complete and effective quality assurance system and reliable production and processing technology, has 1650 tons, 800 tons of extruder, can produce all kinds of specifications of aluminum alloy rods, pai, profiles, with 1600 tons, 1000 tons, 630 tons, 400 tons, 300 tons of friction pressure machines 10 units, can produce 5mm ~ 800mm aluminum forging parts, advanced mold frame, heat treatment, quenching, aging, surface materials pickling and CNC Center equipment can meet customer mold development and product finishing requirements.
Forging aluminum products are widely used in industries of aircraft, automotive, train, marine, space rocket, space shuttle, satellite, chemical & medical equipment, refrigeration equipment, oil refining equipment, oil & gas lines, and other fields, such as: light-weight auto parts,processing equipments and marine equipments etc.


Light weight, high strength and durability.



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