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For KTM Aluminum Dirt Bike Radiators

  • 6061 T6 Aluminum

  • Same as the picture

  • CNC Machined

  • Silver Coating

  • Dirt Bikes

  • 30 Sets

  • China

  • Provided

  • By Sea / Express Delivery / Air Transport

  • ISO9001

Product Description

1. Performance: Our Radiator Increased Core Thickness (16mm and 22mm), So Heat Dissipation Performance Is generally 20% Higher Than OEM.

2. Hand Welded: Radiator Are TIG Welded By Hand, Uniform Distribution Of Welding And Have Good Sealing. 100% Adapt To OEM .

3. Aluminum Core: Aluminum Core To Maximize Water Cooling, Increasing The Efficiency Of The Cooling System.

4. Silver Coating: Made The Radiator Surface More Smooth, Have A Good Look, Anti-Corrosion. 

BrandModelYearSet Code
KTM               SX 5012-19TRS-R-155
SX 6502-08
SX 6509-15TRS-R-035
SXS 6512-13
SX 6516-19TRS-R-157
SX 8505-12TRS-R-131
SX 10506-11
SX 8513-17TRS-R-066
SX 8518-19TRS-R-158
SX 12598-06TRS-R-074
SX 25003-06
EXC 125/20097-07
EXC 250/30004-07
XC/XC-W 200/250/30006-07
SX 125/144/250,SXS 125/2502007TRS-R-031-032
SX 125/150/25009-15TRS-R-071
XC 150/250/35010-14
EXC 200/250/35014-16
XC-W 200/250/30008-16
SX 125/15016-18TRS-R-150                               
SX-F 250/35016-18
EXC 125/3002017
EXC 250 17-19
EXC 250/300 TPI17-18
EXC-F 250/35017-19
XC 250/300                                                             17-18                                   
XC-W 150/200/250/30017-19
SX 125/150/2502019TRS-R-164
XC 250/3002019TRS-R-164
SX-F 250/350/4502019TRS-R-165
XC-F 250/350/4502019TRS-R-165
SX 250/38098-02TRS-R-070
EXC 250/30098-03
MXC 250/38098-01
FREERIDE 250R14-17
FREERIDE 35015-16
FREERIDE 250R/4T18-19
 SX-F 45007-10TRS-R-027-028
SMR 450,  XC-F 450/50508-09
SX-F/XC-F 25008-15TRS-R-076
SX-F/XC-F 35011-15
SX-F/XC-F 45013-15
EXC 50012-16TRS-R-149
EXC-F 250/35012-16
XCF-W 250/35012-16
XC-W 450/50012-16
SX-F/XC-F 45016-18TRS-R-146
EXC-F 450/50017-18
EXC-F 450/5002019TRS-R-167
EXC RACING 450/52503-07TRS-R-018
MXC-G RACING 450/52503-05
EXC-G RACING 450/52503-06

Product Inquiry
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