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New Design 270mm Motorcycle Brake Rotors Oversize Front Disc Manufacturer

  • TRS-BD-270
  • Stainless Steel and Aluminum Alloy
  • 270mm
  • Silver+black
  • CNC Machined
  • Anodized
  • Dirt Bikes
  • China
  • Carton Package
  • By Sea / Express Delivery / Air Transport
  • 12 Months
Product Description

1. Constructed From 420 Stainless Steel, With CNC 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy.

2. The shape of the disc ensures good heat dissipation under heavy braking sessions, reducing brake fade, minimizing warping, and ensuring rotor longevity.

3. The slotted rotor ensures water and dirt are dispersed quickly when braking.

4. Surface is electro-statically coated to ensure the long-term appearance.

5. Wave shape brake disc rotor 30% light weight than OEM, and good heat dissipation.

Fit for:

DISC          BRACKET                   Models                                                        CC                  Year              Front/Rear  
ZC772TRS618KTM EXC/SX/MX/SX-F/XC125-66092-09F
ZC771TRS719HONDA CR R/E125/250 04-08 F
ZC771TRS719HONDA CRF R250/45004-14F
ZC773TRS014YAMAHA YZ/WR12598-07F
ZC773TRS014YAMAHA WR F 250/45003-16F
ZC773TRS014YAMAHA YZ/YZ F25001-06F
ZC773TRS718YAMAHA YZ125/25008-16F
ZC773TRS718YAMAHA YZF250/45008-15F
ZC773TRS012SUZUKI RM12596-09F
ZC773TRS012SUZUKI DRZ S/E40000-08F
ZC774TRS012SUZUKI RMZ25007-18F
ZC774TRS012SUZUKI RMZ45005-18F
ZC775TRS012SUZUKI RMZ25004-06F
ZC775TRS012KWASAKI KX125/25003-05F
ZC776TRS012KWASAKI KX125/25006-08F
ZC776TRS012KWASAKI KX F250/45006-14F
ZC772TRS4008HUSABERG FE390/450/57010-14F
ZC772TRS4008KTM EXC/SX/SXS/SX-F125-53009-19F
ZC771TRS067HONDA CRF R250/45015-18F
ZC771TRS067HONDA CRF RX45017-18F

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